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Hope all you American MSTies out there had a great Thanksgiving (to all you Canadian MSTies however, please accept our tidings a month and a half late). In honor of Thanksgiving and the MST3K Turkey Day specials, club member AndyMoore is hosting an online MST3K watching party this Saturday (Novemeber 27th) on the website Gaia Online  so if you're a Gaia Online member or thinking of becoming one be sure to join him! Here's the itinerary:

Join us anytime for to celebrate Turkey Day on the Saturday after thanksgiving for a day of MST3K watch party goodness!

During the day, we'll be watching and chatting and then at

11am: Join us at the WSUMST3K Page for fun

4pm (Central time): MST Shorts on Gaia
We'll test our avatars by watching selected MST shorts and get ready for the main watch party!

7pm (Central time): Main Showing
We will join a bunch of MSTies online at's theater room where we can make our own little avatar characters who can throw popcorn, tomatoes and other funny stuff at the screen while we watch a MST3K episode!

As an added bonus here's a video of Nash from That Guy With The Glasses interviewing Joel and Trace at their DragonCon 2010 appearance! Click on this link to see the video here!
Lemming-Of-The-BDA Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2010
I should be there. Though I may be a bit late due to timezones and whatnot. Sounds like pure joy.
Lemming-Of-The-BDA Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010
I guess no link... oh well
Marauder6272 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
sounds like fun. Are you going to provide links to the page on the day of?
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